The Promise Of Peace
Our Songs are written to give praise and honor to our LORD, and to give encouragement to HIS People
                Featuring The Karaoke Granny, Rene'Lenz,
                Karen Campbell,And Randy Mike Ranstrom
                                (The Lone Musician)
              Music Of Faith,Hope and Love,but Above All,
                                                "The Promise Of Peace "

Randy (Mike) Ranstrom-The Lone Musician,arranges and records all music for The Promise Of Peace.With two songwriting sisters,and a full-time job,he is very busy! He created his own Home Studio- Julieta Music Productions, of course ,named after his lovely wife,Julieta.He is an accomplished guitar player,and He'll tell you,he fakes everything else, but he is excellent with playing all musical instruments.

Karen Campbell, A cancer survivor and very awesome song writer,shares her single,

"A Cure" dedicated to other cancer victims.She has been a soloist for her Church group 

for many years.Though retired now and full time Granny, she still teams up with her 

brother and sister for family music.It is our pleasure to share our faith ,hope and 

love for our LORD through music.We hope to encourage and uplift HIS People.

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Our Mission:To Promote Peace through Positive,Uplifting Spiritual Music.Words can make a Difference,Music can change the World.

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